Rockets On Parade

What better way to showcase the important historical contributions/value of our total 256 community (and beyond) in the Space Race and Alabama's 200 year history, your company's contribution and or support of that history, while taking the next giant step to go farther than ever before, in the near future.

256 Magazine has been committed to a multi-media promotion which began in December 2017, with historical articles and profiles, social media will also be a major focus of contributing to sharing the story behind our rich history of space exploration and our future plans of visiting Mars.

“I would encourage every business in this city to become involved in both the bicentennial and the fiftieth anniversary. It’s our birthday two times over here in Huntsville, and so I would like to see every business, large or small, private or professional, be involved in whatever way is meaningful to them. The committee to celebrate the lunar landing doesn’t want to tell people what to do or to organize big things, what we want is for each and every company, each and every group, each and every church or civic club, to celebrate in whatever way is appropriate to them, to celebrate in whatever way inspires them and their people today for our future in space, for our mission to Mars, for Alabama’s future. We have many miles to go. Mars is thirty-six million miles away at its closest point. So it’s a big task and Alabama’s future and Alabama’s reputation has a long way to go at this moment in time as well. So I encourage everyone to stop and celebrate in their own way where we have been, who we are today, and who we’re going to be tomorrow.” –Dr. Deborah Barnhart
CEO at US Space & Rocket Center

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